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This site is all about online poker. Whether you are an advanced player or don't even know the rules this site is for you. Most sites about poker either offer poker site reviews or offer some poker strategy. The aim of this site is to bring everything about poker together into one easy to navigate site. You can forget about pop-up blockers because there will never be pops-ups on your new poker site.

This site is currently under construction but don't worry, as there is still pleanty of top quality content. Below I have summerized the main features of our poker site:

Online Poker Site Reviews

There are many websites out there offering poker site reviews. The problem is there is so much dishonesty. I am doing my best to write honest reviews and honest ratings of a wide range of sites. The key information is all stored in a sortable table so you can make quick comparisons. Site Reviews

Poker Rakeback

Often a good rakeback deal can make the difference between a winning player and a losing player. I have lots of competitive rakeback deals you can sign-up to. You don't need to go anywhere else for rakeback. Rakeback

Sign-up at Dan's Poker - you can then sign-up to any of the rakeback offers and log-in to view your rakeback, or earn money just by referring your friends to Dan's Poker. An account will also give you full access to our forum.


Simply refer your friends to any page on Dan's Poker and you can earn upto 20% of the rake for that player. See affiliates for more information.

Poker Rules

I have provided the rules for both Holdem and Omaha. Later I will be providing the rules for as many poker variants as I can in an easy to understand format. Rules

Poker Strategy

I have written some essential strategy articles. Later I will go in depth with articles for lots of different poker variations, with articles for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Strategy

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Poker Forum

This is a newly created forum, but don't let that stop you from posting. I will do my best to answer any posts made that are gambling related, greet members and help them whenever I can. I expect our forum to expand greatly in the future. There are even some international forums you can post in if English is not your first language. Forum

Poker Training

How serious are you about playing the best game of poker you can? One of the best ways to learn is with a training program. I have reviewed the best training programs. They all consist of lots of videos filmed by pros, but require a monthly subscription. Training

Easy to Navigate

I have made our poker site as easy to navigate as I can. All the main links are on the left. Most sections are broken up into more pages. Links to these are placed at the top of our site. You can even click on the main titles (white text) and link back to pages that way.

Site Theme

Like the colors of the page? Think the text is the wrong size? In the site theme page you can customize the appearance of your site. The changes you make will be kept for the next time you visit your poker site. Site Theme

Charity Donations

I have decided to donate 10% of all the income from our site to Oxfam, so whilst you play poker you'll be helping a good cause too. When our site is 100% complete and I've fully promoted it I hope to increase the percentage. I reserve the right to change charities or split the money between different charities later but Oxfam is a good charity, so for now I will stick with them. For more information see: Charity Donations.

Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

If you are going to use you must agree to our Disclaimer and our Privacy Policy.

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